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About Anthony
Unwittingly, I started my career as a teacher as a sophomore in high school when my Math teacher, Mr. Moghadammi, recommended my tutoring services to a family whose son was failing Geometry. The family also happened to own a Mexican restaurant. After working with their son, Chris, for several months, he raised his grade from an F to a B. I made some extra cash, got to eat plenty of free Mexican food, and discovered a love of helping others to learn. As the years went on, I found myself in the role of tutor over and over again. In college I worked as a statistics tutor, study group leader, and eventually got to teach my own adjunct statistics courses. Although I was a Pre-Med Integrative Biology major, I actually studied Teaching and Tutoring.This was my real passion. I got my first full-time teaching gig in 2001. Since then, I have been working here in Pasadena, California. I teach high school math and the classroom has been the laboratory where, daily, I seek answers to the central question: "What are the most innovative and effective ways to teach students mathematics?" I am super-excited about the landmark changes that are happening in the world of mathematics education and I am so glad to be a math teacher at this unique time in the history of our field.