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Yazmin Chavira MTP added a Lesson
Yazmin Chavira MTP added a Lesson

Map Scales

7th Grade Math » Unit: Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Big Idea: students work with neighbors, independently, and on whiteboard to apply map scale to find actual distances and lengths on a map
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Adding and Subtracting Fractions Day 1

6th Grade Math » Unit: Fraction Operations
Big Idea: If Ashley ate ½ pizza, Tatyana ate 1/3 of a pizza, and Tiffany ate 5/8 of a pizza, how much pizza did they eat altogether? What’s the smallest number of pizzas they ordered? How much was left? Students work to develop strategies for adding and subtracti
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My Name

8th Grade ELA » Unit: Literary Analysis: The House on Mango Street
Big Idea: What's in a name? Students take their language to new heights with written explorations of their names.
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THE CANTERBURY TALES: Wife of Bath Day 3 of 4

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Students work on coin

Introduction to Coins

2nd Grade Math » Unit: Money
Big Idea: Students learn how to identify coins and how much each coin is worth!
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Multiply by 5

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Fluency to Automoticity
Big Idea: The children will explore ways to check their 5's multiplications based on a patterns found. They will also learn strategies to find missing factors.
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Sequencing with "A Big Fish for Max"

1st Grade ELA » Unit: Reading Comprehension Lessons
Big Idea: Today students practice close reading as they look for evidence in the story so they can sequence the events for the beginning, middle, and end.
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How Did it Happen: Writing in First Person Perspective

4th Grade ELA » Unit: Personal Narratives: Digging Into Our Toolbox
Big Idea: Instead of just saying that they had an experience, students write what happened in a step-by-step way that introduces the experience to the reader.
Carla Seeger added a Lesson
Carla Seeger added a Lesson

Percentage Equations

6th Grade Math » Unit: Unit Rate Applications and Percents
Big Idea: To find the percent of a number, you can set up an equation to find an equivalent ratio to the part out of one hundred.
Jason Slowbe added a Lesson
Jason Slowbe added a Lesson

Sketching Derivative Functions (Part 1 of 2)

12th Grade Math » Unit: Formalizing Derivatives and Techniques for Differentiation
Big Idea: We’ve developed the idea of the derivative as the slope of a tangent line. Today we use this idea to sketch graphs of derivative functions.
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