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Grant Harris added a Lesson
Grant Harris added a Lesson

Integers Assessment

7th Grade Math » Unit: Rational Number Operations
Big Idea: Students take a test that assesses computation of integers, integer concepts, and problem solving. A rubric and answer guide is included.
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Estimating Fraction Sums in Word Problems, Day 1

6th Grade Math » Unit: Introduction to Fractions
Big Idea: Students work on estimation word problems.
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Textual Evidence.wmv

Using Textual Evidence

7th Grade ELA » Unit: Writing
Big Idea: Don't Dangle - Incorporate Textual Evidence into your writing.
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Literacy in America Checkpoint Screenshot.jpg

Literacy & Power with Malcolm X (Day 1 of 2)

11th Grade ELA » Unit: Early American Voices & Developing Reading Habits
Big Idea: Building a powerful framework for the value of literacy sounds like a challenging task, but Malcolm X's story makes the connection easier!
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Let's Count on the Polar Express!

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Numbers to 10
Big Idea: As part of a day of fun Polar Express activities, the students will create a counting book by counting Santa's reindeer!
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Classroom Video: Checks for Understanding

Our Garden Problem

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Fractions
Big Idea: Using a debate format this lesson provides students the opportunity to solve a complex problem similar to sample item from the PARCC exam.
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Student Work

Revise and Revisit the Arctic Fox and Giraffe Informational Paragraph

1st Grade ELA » Unit: Create and Revise an Informational Paragraph
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Tricky Subheadings: Inferring the Meaning of Creative Subheadings

4th Grade ELA » Unit: Exploring Information in Nonfiction Texts
Big Idea: Understanding subtitles and subheading in nonfiction texts helps readers locate information quickly.
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Write It Wednesday - Analyzing Matters

7th Grade Math » Unit: Proportional Relationships
Big Idea: Students will have the opportunity to continue their critique of the reasoning of others and sharpen their own problem-solving skills with a set of problems.
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Algebraic Proof of the Perpendicular Bisector Theorem using Coordinate Geometry

Geometry » Unit: Analytic Geometry
Big Idea: Feeling nostalgic? In this lesson students return to their Algebra roots in order to prove the perpendicular bisector theorem.
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