Come Along Daisy

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SWBAT engage in discussions about the story details and write about the events of the story.

Big Idea

We will talk about Daisy and how she didn't listen to her mother. We will write an informational paper about Daisy.

Warm Up

10 minutes

In this lesson I will be addressing the CCSS for engaging my students in several discussions about the story events and details.  We will then compose several informative sentences about the character and events from the story.

Today's story is; Come along Daisy, a story from our Curriculum.  The theme is about animal families.  My students really enjoy the stories about animals.  They seem to have a fondness for them that is fun to see.  I will show them this one minute video of baby ducks swimming in a pond.  I like this video because I can describe the setting and details.  I can introduce the vocabulary word, reeds.  This video will front loading information about baby ducks and their mother just in case they didn't already have any experience with ducks before.

"These were really little ducks.  Did you see how they stayed really close to their mom?  Why would they stay by their moms?  So they don't get lost, you are right.  Does you mom want you to stay close to her when you go to the store?  Yes, she does because she doesn't want you to get lost.  Let's read this cute book about a baby duck."

Reading the story

10 minutes

The discussion we just had about staying close to their moms set the stage for this story where Daisy doesn't listen.  

" The title of today's book is; Come Along Daisy.  Daisy is a cute little duck.  What color is she?  She is white, she must be a different kind of duck, the ones in the video were yellow and brown.  Let's see what adventures she has.  I wonder if she will stay by her mom like the ducks in the video? "

I begin to read the story.  We talk about the setting and the characters Daisy meets on each page.  We talk about the big fish that is under her and the big bird that is over her.

"Daisy isn't listening to her mom.  She is so busy looking at everything around her.  She needs to listen to her mom."


Writing activity

10 minutes

I am going to engage my students in further discussion about the story events and details by drawing a bubble map.  We then will compose sentences for each event.  

"Daisy had many adventures before she got lost. Let's open the book and look at each event.  I will make a bubble map and put the title of the book in the center, Come along Daisy  I want you to turn to your partner, go knee to knee, eye to eye, using whisper voices.  I want you to tell your partner what Daisy did instead of following her mom"

I walk around and listen for conversations that are on task and redirect those that are not.

"Put your hand on your head when you have told your partner what was Daisy doing the first time she was not following her mom.  Good, I will choose a name stick and have someone tell me the answer.  Allen, what was Daisy doing?  She was watching the fish.  I will write watching fish and draw a bubble around it and then draw a line from this little bubble to the big bubble.  Let's do the other events.  Turn to your partner and tell them what Daisy did next instead of following her mom."

I continue the partner sharing until all the story events are written on the board.  We review all the events from the story and add other bubbles that we think are important to the bubble map.

"Look at all the things Daisy did instead of following her mom. Great partner work.   For today's writing i want you to  choose several events write sentences about them.  The sentence frame you will use is: Daisy _________ "

I model the sentence writing under the document camera so that the writing is large enough for all the students to see.  

"you could write; Daisy watched the fish.  Daisy watched the dragonflies.  Daisy played with the frog.  Daisy hid in the reeds.  Daisy got lost.  Daisy was scared."  

I dismiss my students one row at a time to go to their tables.  I ask my class helpers to pass out the story paper to every seat.  I like to use class helpers during the day.  I feel it gives my students the opportunity to have responsibility and gives them a sense of self confidence.  

"I am going to turn the document camera off.  I think we can help each other sound out the words for our sentence.  If you need to, you can come up to the bubble map to see what the story events are.  I will come around and help you if you want help."

I walk around and help a few students with their phonetic sounding out of words.  I highlight the sentence for one student who forgot his glasses.  

I collect the writing papers as they finish.  My students sit on the carpet quietly and read library books.  I don't want to rush my slower students.  Sometimes they are not slow, they draw and color very detailed pictures.  I like them to not be rushed so they can finish and feel the satisfaction of doing how they want to.  Even though this is a structured activity, there has to be some amount of creativity.


Wrap Up

10 minutes

When everyone is finished, we clean up the books and sit on the carpet ready to listen.  I love this part of the lesson.  It is like a miniature assessment that doesn't seem like an assessment.  I will learn if my instruction was intentional enough for all  my students to gain comprehension of the CCSS I used in planning the lesson.  I will learn if they liked the subject.  A detailed sentence and drawing indicate that they were interested and learned some information.  I will learn if I need to change my instruction to encourage the students participation in the discussions.  I will learn if I need to differenciate my expectations or give more instruction to my lower students.  

When everyone is sitting on their squares, criss cross apple sauce, I call a row up at a time for the reading to begin.  My ELL students seem to be braver and more  willing to read their friends are around them.  Each students get the opportunity to read their writing and show off their student writing  We applaud and cheer after each reading.



For fun

10 minutes

I love to show a video of the book or a reading to help re-enforce the vocabulary, story comprehension and the love of listening to a story.  I show videos at the end of the day when chairs are stacked, backpacks are on we are waiting for dismissal.  Here is a reading on video of Come Along Daisy.

Here is a little girl reading the book, she doesn't show pictures but she reads with great intonation.