Analyzing Conflicts in Act I of Mid Summer Night’s Dream

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SWBAT explain central ideas, explore a possible theme as it relates to the characters, setting, and plot, and analyze how what a character say or do propel the action and decisions characters make throughout the rest of the play.

Big Idea

Fool Me once shame on ME! Fool Me twice shame on the Spirits!

Bellringer: Question & Answer

5 minutes

What’s love got to do with it? Students have learned that this Shakespearean play is centered on four individuals being in love. So how will the play build its suspense if love wasn’t the root behind all evil?

Students will begin to understand the power of love by responding to the following question on the whiteboard

What conflicts arise when you think about two people being in love?

Students will write silently in the time given to complete this activity. Since I am asking a question that will pose various answers from students, I require all to share out what was written on their paper. I will list conflicts as told by students at this time. In the end, students will see how many difficulties result from the idea of looking, wanting, and being in love. 

Guided Practice: Love in Lyrics

15 minutes

At this time of the lesson, students will analyze two different songs to understand various perspectives on love. I give students the love song analysis handout to use for highlighting examples of the consequences individuals experience when being in love. As the first song is play aloud, I model for students how to highlight evidences about love. Then we listen to the song a second time to hear how many times the speaker's attitude about love changes from beginning to end.

With the second song, students will work independently looking for evidences in the song of the woman’s attitude about love. See a student working on love song analysis to understand the support given on answering questions about the song. Then we will come together to determine how the speaker’s attitude changed from beginning to end. Finally, a discussion will be held so students can begin understanding just what people will do for love. 

Independent Practice: Station Work

30 minutes

Students will choose a part and read Act I Scenes 1 & 2 aloud. During this time, all of the major characters will be introduced to the reader. If there are not enough students in the classroom, an audio version can be utilized to read the play to students. Since we have seen an animated version on the play in Analyzing the Plot in an Animated Clip of MidSummer Night's Dream, this reading is reviewing the series of events occurring in the play.

After the reading of the act, students will work on the following stations in groups or individually:

I will complete the comprehension station with all students during a whole class discussion. Then, students will be divided to work on each station activity individually. Here are the work samples from the following stations 

Internal vs. External, study guide Act I, & active reading handout

Exit Ticket

5 minutes

To wrap up students' understanding about love, the following question is written on the board,

If love was not the root of evil in this play, what else could Shakespeare had used to add suspense to the story?

There is no right or wrong student response to this exit ticket. However, I want students to begin thinking of other issues that could have been used to create the same havoc in the story.