Partitioning Rectangles Review and Assessment

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SWBAT equally divide squares and rectangles using columns and rows. SWBAT divide squares to create equal rectangles and triangles

Big Idea

Students review the skills necessary to partition rectangles.

Entrance Ticket

10 minutes

I start class by handing out an entrance ticket.   I allow students to work on the entrance ticket for 5-6 minutes.  As students work, I circulate to determine student understanding of equally dividing shapes and take notes about which students I need to meet with before we take the assessment later in this class period.  

I then go over the entrance ticket, stopping to have students share their own thinking and answers.  

If students struggle with a particular concept, I use this time to re-teach a skill. 


Guided Practice

10 minutes

Now I am going to give you a chance to work with a partner on some problems.

As students work, I meet with a small group who need help with a specific skill to re-teach the skill.  I determine this group based on performance throughout the week and my notes from when I circulated during the entrance ticket.  When I taught this lesson, I pulled one group of students to work on dividing rectangles using columns and rows. I also pulled a group who was having trouble understanding how to divide a square into equal shapes. I went over problems with the students and used the same construction paper squares I've used throughout this lesson sequence to discuss what equal sized shapes look like. 

When finished, I bring everyone back together and go over the guided practice, allowing students to come to the board and share their responses.

Friday Quiz/ Weekly Assessment

20 minutes

Now you are going to show me what you know on our Friday quiz!  Make sure that you are taking your time so that your work is accurate! 

During the assessment, I read aloud to students who require this accommodation.  


10 minutes

If time permits, we go over the the Friday Quiz to check for understanding.  Going over the quiz also gives me a chance to give immediate feedback to students and to ask students who made errors to explain their thinking so that I can properly gauge their misunderstanding and provide timely clarification.