Ending the life of Shakespeare with a Comprehensive Exam

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SWBAT collaborate in groups to play a game on Shakespeare and work independently to complete an exam on a play.

Big Idea

Take 1! Take 2! Rehearsing how to test your knowledge on Shakespeare.

Bellringer: Preparing for Success

5 minutes

The life of Shakespeare has now come to an end! To conclude our study on Shakespearean times and literature, students will take a comprehensive exam on the play. Prior to testing, students will clear their desk of all materials and prepare for a FUN game on MidSummer Night's Dream. 

Guided Practice

20 minutes

To review the contents of the play, students will get into two teams a play a game. Depending on the time of the class, this game can be played a day prior to the test, the day of the test, or serve as the test.

Prior to the game starting, students will pick their teams. Next, each team is given a mini-white board and a marker. As I read each question, teams work hard to get the correct answer and points for their team. Teams with the correct answers will control the board, pick questions, and see increases in their overall score. Teams that answer incorrectly, will lose points. A student will keep score as the game goes on. The team with the highest point value at the end of the game WINS!

Independent Practice: An Exam

25 minutes

The remainder of the class time will be spent taking A MidSummer Night's Dream Final Exam. There may be students who will need help understanding questions throughout the test. If this is the case, I will support students in re-wording the questions to better aid them in deriving at the correct answers. All papers will be turned in at the end of the testing session.

Check out my comprehension exam reflection video to understand thoughts about this unit and scores from the test. Please allow your students to enter the world and Shakespeare and become entangled in his web of love, deceit, and happiness.