Biography Tea - The Big Day is Here!

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SWBAT speak in complete sentences in order to provide requested detail or clarification during the Biography Tea.

Big Idea

Students take on the persona of their famous person to tell about their life and accomplishments and answer questions from the audience.

The Program

45 minutes

After weeks of preparation, the Biography Tea was held one afternoon in the school cafeteria. It was a major undertaking. I requested six responsible students from the middle grades to help students get ready.  Some parents came in early to help students get dressed.  I walked students to the cafeteria to set up their displays. 

When students were ready, I welcomed parents and guests.  I explained all the work students had done and explained the format of the program.  They were to approach students and ask them who they were.  Students knew to begin their speech at that time.  They could also ask additional questions for students to answer.  They were asked about major accomplishments, where they grew up, family, etc. The program lasted forty-five minutes. 

Parents were invited to return to the classroom where we had punch and cookies set up.  The middle school students helped serve.  They enjoyed eating and drinking as much as they wanted.