Using Written Language to Develop Arguments about Pre-Arranged Love

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SWBAT provide specific examples to identify varying viewpoints on pre-arranged marriages and believing in love at first sight.

Big Idea

It's written all over your paper! I know my stance on pre-determined love matches.

Bellringer: Deciding on an Opinion

5 minutes

So is what's written about Shakespeare true? Students will begin to examine the answer to this question by researching at least one topic on the life of Shakespeare. To hook students into the lesson, A Midsummer's Night Dream Writing Prompt handout is placed on each student desk.

Students will read the prompt topics and select one to answer. As students read over the prompts, I post the Informational Writing Graphic Organizer and Writing-Graphic-Organizers that could be used in planning the writing for each prompt.

Guided Practice: What's There to Research

10 minutes

Students take an iPad and do a Google search on Shakespeare. For students that select prompt one, a search is done on a contemporary or modern style of Shakespeare. For prompt two, students locate biographies on Shakespeare to uncover if biographical information is important.

Since this is a timed activity, some students will need added support in finding a reliable source to compile research for their product. To assist, I set-up a station in the room where I can sit and guide students through this process. As students do their mini-research, I also use this area to assist with issues, questions, or concerns about their research. Once time is up, students use their knowledge to begin compiling their paragraphs.

Independent Practice: Writing an Essay

30 minutes

For the remainder of class, students use their prompt and research to develop 3 or more paragraphs on Shakespeare. For students needing additional assistance with their opinion piece, I walk them through the graphic organizer filling in valuable information for their writing. As students write independently, I monitor the progress students make during this timed writing. For all students, time will be given at home to polish and revise their writing samples prior to turning them in for a grade. Click on my reflection of writing extension activities video to hear what went all during this time in the lesson!