Biography: Display Board

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SWBAT create a visual display to emphasize and enhance facts and details to accompany a written biographical report.

Big Idea

Students work to create a display board about the life of their famous person for the Biography Tea.

Modeling and Guided Practice

I purposely did not provide a model display board for students.  I wanted them to use their own imagination to create their board instead of copying mine.  However, I did give them a checklist of items to include.

Independent Practice

30 minutes

Students worked approximately thirty minutes each day to create their display boards.  We worked in the computer lab so that they would have access to the Internet as needed.  I took art supplies so that students, who had found pictures, were able to begin on their board. They used construction paper, decorative edged scissors, and glue to create background frames. Students worked together and shared ideas.

Note: I was going to have students record their speeches and create a slide show using the iPads to fulfill the first part of this standard. However, our iPads were stolen the day before the lesson.



10 minutes

I made sure students had each item on the checklist. It was at their discretion how things were arranged.