Click and Clone

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SWBAT explain the steps involved in cloning a mouse.

Big Idea

Students think cloning is a complex undertaking, but after completing this simulation they recognize that it is not as high tech as it seems.


5 minutes

Note: This lesson is taking place during our PARCC testing time so it is not designed to be highly challenging but still moves us forward in our unit.

I begin this lesson by asking students to create a list that includes all they know or think they know about cloning.  It does not really matter what is on this list as the goal is to just activate student thinking.

I have students show me by raising their hands who thinks that the process of cloning is high tech and requires a lot of specialized skills and equipment.  

After getting this information, I have them move on to the computers.  I have the link and the document needed on our webpage and students know how to access this by this time of the year.


35 minutes

If students stay focused, they should have no problems finishing this in the time allotted.  Students follow the directions within the Click and Clone activity and they can answer the questions in the Click and Clone Student Questions document either as they go or after (I prefer after as it gives students a chance to just do the simulation and then go through it again to answer the questions).  

Some of the questions come directly from the activity and some are more thinking questions that require students to consider what they are doing and why the experiment is set up the way it is.  I like to have each student complete the simulation on their own computer but to answer the questions alongside a partner so they can figure things out together.


5 minutes

I like to go over the answers as a class as it allows for discussion and explanation as needed to ensure student understanding of the cloning process.  To end the lesson I have students respond to the following question:

Was this cloning process more or less complex than you thought?  Explain.

This can be done in their journals or as an exit slip, but I prefer to use a quick class discussion.  

The next 2 days will be spent watching the video Clone by National Geographic that is linked and described further in the next lesson.