The Tooth Fairy

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SWBAT engage is discussion about the 5 W's of the story and write an explanatory sentence about their experience.

Big Idea

We will talk about the Tooth Fairy and write about our experience losing a tooth.

Warm Up

10 minutes

Today I will be engaging my students in a discussion about the story details by answering the 5 W's of the story.  We will then write a letter to the Tooth Fairy about the teeth that have fallen out.

I gather my students on the carpet for whole group reading block.

"This week we have had how many of you lose a tooth?  Yes, four of you.  That is so funny that you are all losing your teeth.  I think you all look so cute when you have your front teeth missing.  What did you say Adrian?  Ha, ha, ha, that is funny.  Your mom calls you a vampire?  Smile for us, let us see if you do look like a vampire.  Yes!  You do look like a vampire.  I bet you are the only vampire with curly hair!  What do you do when you lose a tooth?  You put them under your pillow?  The tooth fairy leaves you money?  If I lost a tooth would the tooth fairy leave me money?  No, Why?  What?  I am too old?  Man!  You are all lucky that she visits you.  How about if we read a story about the Tooth Fairy?  Show me you are ready to listen.  Criss cross applesauce."

Reading the story

10 minutes

"The book I am going to read is titled Tooth Fairy. It is written by Audrey Wood.  I love the stories that she writes.  This book is about a boy named Matthew and his sister named Jessica.  Matthew loses a tooth and puts it under his pillow.  Jessica doesn't have a tooth but wants a treasure from the Tooth Fairy.  Let's read the story and find out if Jessica can trick the Tooth Fairy."

I begin to read the story.

"What did you say the Tooth Fairy left you under your pillow?  Money?  Hmmm, in the story, the Tooth Fairy leaves a treasure.  Can money be a treasure?  Yes, I think so too."

I read on.

"What did Jessica do?  Do you think she will trick the Tooth Fairy?  I don't know.  Let's read on."

"Wow, do you think that you can wake up and by tiny like that?  No, this must be a make believe story."

I stop and we discuss the "Tooth Fairy Palace, The Hall of Perfect Teeth, and the Tooth Dungeon.

"What happened when Jessica bit into the apple?  Yes, she got a loose tooth.  She quickly went to brush her teeth because she wants her teeth to go into the Hall of Perfect Teeth.  What a fun story.  Let's see if we can review the 5 W's of this story.  Let's sing the 5 W's song."

We will discuss the 5 W's of the story.  It is important for an accurate retell and understanding of the the story details that my students be able to ask and answer these questions.

"Now that we remember are 5 W's I am going to use my name sticks to call on someone to answer the 5 W questions.  I will then write your answer on the board.  

Juan, WHO was in the story?  You are right, the Tooth Fairy, Matthew and Jessica.

Julie, WHAT was the story about?  Yes, it was about the tooth fairy.

Ivanna, WHERE did the story take place?  First at their house and then at the palace. 

Allen, WHEN did the story take place?  It did start in the day and then they went to sleep at night.

Naomi, WHY did Jessica try to trick the Tooth Fairy?  Yes, because she wanted a treasure.

You did great remembering the story details."

Writing Activity

10 minutes

"Today I thought it would be fun to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy.  Let me show you what the letter paper looks like."

I show the paper under the document camera.

"Remember that the letter has four parts.  This line up here has what on it?  The date, you are right.  Everyone say "the date".  What goes on this line?  This is the greeting.  (I wave at them) Everyone say, "the greeting" and wave.  This is where you will write, Deer Tooth Fairy.  This big part is called the .  .  .  Yes the body! ( I run my hands down my sides)   Everyone say, "The body" and show me your body.   This is where we will tell the tooth fairy about our lost teeth.  The last lines are the closing, everyone say; "the closing"(I clap my hands together really loud)  Everyone say; "closing" and clap your hands.  Now that we remember the parts of a letter lets talk about what we can tell the Tooth Fairy."

I write the sentence frame; I lost ___ teeth.

"OK.  Here is what were are going to do.  You will go to your tables and we will write the letter together."

tooth fairy writing paper

I dismiss my seated students one row at a time.  I have to stagger their movement or else I will have running and pushing and a lot of laughter.  Transitions can be a time of kaos if I don't control some aspect of it.  My class helpers pass out the writing papers to every seat.  Being a class helper is truly a learning experience.  They learn responsilitly and and a sense of community.  I do have to remind them to give every seat a paper, not just their friends.  

 I begin to model the writing under the document camera.

"Here is the date.  Where can I find the date if I don't remember it?  The calendar.  Let's all look at the Calendar.  Adrian, you are the calendar helper would you go to the calendar and point to today's number.  That is the date.  He is pointing to March 14, 2014.  Let's spell March, M-a-r-c-h.  How do I write the number fourteen?  A one and a four.  Great.  Now everyone touch the greeting.  Here we will write, Dear Tooth Fairy."

They help me sound out the letters so we can write; Dear Tooth Fairy.  I have them skip down to the bottom.  I help them sound out the word from.  Then ask them to write their name.

"Now we are at the "body" , the big part of the letter.  Think about what you want to tell the tooth fairy.  I will come around and help you with your letter.  When you are done writing the letter you can color the picture of the Tooth Fairy and glue both pieces on the big yellow paper."

I walk around with my post it notes so I can write down words for students to copy if they have words we can not sound out.

As they finish I collect their papers and let them sit on the carpet to read library books

Wrap Up

10 minutes

This activity takes a while to finish because their is some serious coloring that needs to be done.  

When my students are finished with their writing we clean up the books and sit on our squares again.  

This activity makes a great formative assessment. Having observed their  writing/drawing, their oral presentation and have their writing paper as proof of their skills gives me the information I need to determine their ELA skills.  I like to save their writing samples for their portfolio as evidence of their progress

I like to call my students up a row at a time for the reading of their papers.  There is security in standing up with friends.  Also the friends will help if we forget our words.  Some of my ELL students are very shy and soft spoken.  Each student gets the opportunity to oral present their sentences and then show off their pictures. Here is a sample of a student work.  Ivanna is a higher student and I find that my higher students like to write their own sentences.  She did not use the sentence frame, but she did phonetically write a sentence about losing three teeth.  We applaud and cheer after every reading.