Fill in the Gaps

Fill in the gaps supports students to review assessment data and set goals for improvement over two days in which they work to fill the gaps
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About This Strategy

Fill in the gaps is a strategy in which students review their own formative assessment data in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and then set goals for improvement in their personalized work plan over the course of the two days. This strategy enables students to have additional practice time to fill in the gaps in their learning. 

Implementation Steps

30 minutes
  1. Based on the unit assessment, create a "fill in the gaps" self-assessment form for students to use when reviewing their data. See the example in the resource section. Create review activities for the skills as well as challenge activities.

  2. After an assessment, have students reflect on their data. Students complete the self-assessment form reviewing the skills and what percentage they earned on that particular skill. Students also reflect on their areas of strength and areas of growth.

  3. Once students have completed the self-assessment reflection, they identify the activities they must complete for remediation or for extension. Students document these activities in the work plan.

  4. When students complete an activity, they check it off of their work plan.

  5. After engaging in "fill in the gaps" for two days, have students reflect and identify mistakes they have overcome and standards or concepts in which they have grown.

Special Education Modification

In order to support students with disabilities who have difficulty with independent, multi-step reflection activities, it may be helpful to have individual conferences with the students to support them to identify their areas of strength and their areas of growth. These conferences can support students to identify their areas of growth and can help guide their activities. Depending on their individual needs, personalized activities to fill in the gaps may be helpful.

Tech Tools


  • Quizizz is a free platform that allows you to assign self-paced and self-scored quizzes to students. You can easily add gifs to the questions, and students can complete a quizizz when they feel ready to prove mastery, even if the rest of the class is not.

  • Quizizz supports Fill in the Gaps by providing an easy and fun way for students to show mastery, at their own pace, of skills they had identified as gaps needing to be filled before the activity started. Teachers don't have to score all these mini-assessments but they can see visualize progress and give feedback.


  1. Gooru is a search tool for online lessons and learning activities. Teachers can use Gooru to find curated content organized by subject or standard. Teachers can create collections for their students to view in a specific order.

  2. This tool supports Fill in the Gaps by enabling teachers to easily organize resources for each skill students are reviewing. It can also help teachers organize resources for students, since students will be working on different activities based on their individual needs